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Why CURO Botanicals? 

Curo Botanical skin care products are made with ingredients that are derived from plants and include extracts from the roots, seeds, leaves, or flowers. In cosmetics, the botanical plant materials are chosen for their healing properties such as antioxidants, vitamins, and living energy which are inherent in the plant. Botanicals have been studied and used for their calming and normalizing healing properties worldwide for centuries. 

Our goal is to distribute cutting edge skin care products while providing superior manufacturing and formulations. We provide our customers with products that incorporate the finest ingredients, ensuring total customer satisfaction. Our technologically advanced and scientifically-proven skin care products are:

  • Designed specifically to emulate the skin’s natural functionality
  • Accurately measured with dose-specific, active Botanical ingredients
  • Scientifically proven to have significant beneficial effects on the skin
  • Designed to accomplish positive and desired physiological skin changes  
  • Designed to treat all skin types; normal, dry, sensitive, oily and skin with specific issues. 
  • Our laboratory specialists continuously research new ingredients, create and test formulas, and only bring to market those skin care products  

A world class product line!